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so hi im new to this and would like to introduce myself name- lola age-15 addiction- xanax, food, pot, anything else that will get me fucked up things i hate- myself, food, other people why i hate myself- iam bi-polar, bulimic (i think), anger issues, i rather be living like how things were then how they are now and thats just a mouth full if you knew my story
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Hi .
I've just joined this forum , so thought I'd introduce myself .
Ive got a crapload of issues, and recently managed to give up alcohol (which I was addicted to)
I love ritalin, it makes me feel like the stars are never too far for me to reach .
I feel so amazingly happy - it's a far cry from my real life .

I hate food, I either don't eat or purge when I do .
My friends all think I'm crazy and nobody understands .

Uhh yeah so that's me . (:
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Hello Everyone,
I am sorry I haven't been around in awhile. Life has been hectic. I've moved twice, I now live in Madtown, WI. I'm attending college and working. I don't have time for much of anything.
Not to mention, I was informed today that I have Swine Flu.
It's really not that bad, or at least my case isn't. I started having symptoms about 4 days ago. 2 days ago, it was at it's worst. I could barely breathe and every square inch of my body was in severe pain. I lost my voice last night, and it's taking its time coming back. I do believe the worst is over.

I'm going to try and keep this community more active now that I remembered!
Sorry for my absence.

I myself have lost some weight. I believe when I started this community, I was 220 (5'11). I am now, 201! I have been eating, not taking my adderall as much (because I forget, and by the time i remember, it's too late in the day to take it, and i don't want to be up all night!). I guess i lost the weight from being busy so much. I'm sure now that I've had the swine flu, i'm under 200! yay! 30 more pounds and I'm no longer over weight!!

Please everyone, keep this community strong, but spreading the word and posting whenever you're on the web! :D
good luck everyone!
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i'm about to turn 20, and I can't say i suffer from an eating disorder since i've never been diagnosed. But I do carry an unhealthy obsession about weight loss, restriction, binging and taking pills.
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Sorry this is so long, I'm new..
I'm 17, about 5'6 and currently 124 lbs
I've been diagnosed with ADHD since the sixth grade, and they have tried EVERY kind of ADHD medication on me. Now I take ritalin, and I've heard you could "get high" off it. I started taking ritalin about two years ago, and a year ago I tried it for the first time. In the sustained release, there's these little balls inside, I'm guessing so it dissolves over time. I didn't know to crush the balls, didn't know how. So I gave up.
I'm also bipolar, and during a manic episode when i couldn't sleep, I pocketed a ritalin and crushed it up the right way after seeing a friend crush up another type of pill. I couldn't eat, the smell and tiny taste of food made me choke and want to vomit. I'm sure you all know that feeling.
So I shared the information with my friend, who in turn experienced the same thing, and we began taking adderall. Now I take adderall AND ritalin, and judge how much I need throughout the day, though I'm not sure if  I'm exactly correct, and I'm PRETTY sure the two should be watched in moderation when mixed.
I've always had weight issues, as in I had developed borderline anorexia. I can see my friend going through the same thing. It's odd. I feel competitive and even jealous how she has this new excitement for weightloss and it's grown old and weary to me and I've pretty much plateaued. Why is this working so much better for her?
Has my tolerance gone up so quickly because I've been taking these medications all these years?
Is it normal to be jealous of someone who is quickly falling into the rhythm you did?
I have a seven day am and pm pill box. In the AM, I get one 20 mg pill and one 10 mg, and in the PM I get only 10 mg. Usually I pocket these, but does anyone have any clue how much I should take or how I should take it?
Also, has anyone ever used the syringe method
, like mix it in water and squirt it up your nose? I do that sometimes, and I'm wondering if it is actually better for you than snorting.
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when you take adderall(or anything similar) with intentions of weight loss, do you restrict or fast completely? I can fast and just continue to take the pills as the meds wear off and hunger starts to kick back in for days straight, but it uses up my prescription quickly and i'm manic because i don't get any sleep. it's a bit of an adrenaline rush but at the same time, wreaks havoc on my body. but i feel like i waste my medicine when i eat on it.

just want to hear your stories....
how much you've lost in x amount of days, what your intake was, etc, etc.
sorry, i've been up since 4am and went to bed at 1....story of my life

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if anyone is reading this, i was wondering what you eat while you are on an amphetamine "binge". ok, i know the answer is probably "nothing" but eventually you do eat something. for example, if you are taking lots of adderall for a weeks time in an attempt to speed up your weightloss, do you just completely fast? or do you cave and have little bits of food now and then? i think i'm going to go buy some 100 calorie packs to keep in my purse if needed. before i used to only eat bowls of broccoli but i can't exactly keep that in my purse when i'm out all day.
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so i dont know what you say on here. but i guess i want to be able to talk to ppl who can maybe relate some of the things im goin thru. first off, i got back with my ex who had been on and off the last five years [every breakup seems to crush me more, hes always txtin other girls and stuff behind my back] everybreak up has hurt me more, about 2 yrs into it i thot mayb there was sumthin wrong with me since he constantly went after girls who were skinnier and shorter, so i developed a bad eating disorder. that only made our relationship worse..

neways by the fifth year the eating disorder turned into a heavy drug addiction. the eating disorder helped me feel in control, but the drugs made it where i just didnt care. and plus i hated going thru what i went thru daily with issues with my appearance and the drugs i chose helped me stay skinny..

so back to where i started, i got back with him, slowly laid off the drugs, since now i have a whole new group of friends and hes the only sober thing i know.

i put everything into it, everything was goin fine. then i saw that he had been talking to a nother girl. it broke my heart. for the last time i cannot handle it. my drug addiction is getting out of hand, but im having a hard time staying sober, cuz it means not being around my friends, who are all wonderful, and have been there with me thru thick and thin. my ex and i were broke up almost a full year this last time before i got back with him, but slowing down on drugs means i want to fill that void with sumthin comforting, and he was it.

now im heartbroken, he says he just doesnt want me cuz he wants to date other girls to make sure im the one. im the only girl hes ever slept with , so i can understand that, but i dont know why he didnt think about that before.

now im heartbroken, depressed, and have started using drugs more frequently. i hate being alone, its all that sort of temporarily eases my pain...and keeps my eating disorder from returning.

sorry so long, but thats my story. im 21 im a female if you couldnt tell. and im having a hard time. just looking for new friends to relate to. thanks for reading this if you did, i know its boring, but i had to let it out sumwhere.
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hello everyone. i'm new and i've been wanting to lose 12 lbs for forever but i just don't know how. i've been struggling with my weight for about 5 years. here are my stats:

height: 5'2"
cw: 110
lw: 106
hw: 120
gw1: 100
gw2: 98

and if you guys don't mind i have a question. i've been thinking about taking adderall to supress my hunger, but i want to get it prescribed to me. the thing is i don't have add/adhd but i have depression and i oversleep over the summer (maybe until like 12 or 1 in the afteroon). is there anything that i can say to my doctor to get it? she is kind of a pushover and we're on tricare(insurance) which means that we can get any prescription for free. thanks so much!!!

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this forum is slowly losing activity!
we need to pump things up a bit.

oh andddd to all you smokers out there, Happy Holidays!


How is everyone doing?

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