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Hey im new here and i reaaly dont klnow wat to do with my body. I am 110 pounds at 5ft8 (i think) and i want to be thinner. I am so messed up as im thin but i have a flabby belly and flabby thighs, and i need tips on how to lose weight this summer....how do i resist the urge to eat, and make sure no one is watching me??? I already have a gym membership and im in a boarding scul so i havnt been home for 11 weeks...i do cross country although i havent done it for a while. At maximum i can run 3 km without stopping as i havnt ran for a long time...yeah i guess thats it...so please help me!!!! ASAP at least i need an answer b4 friday on tips as my mum is coming to pick me up...
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