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Hello there. I'm new to this community, not new to ED. I just had a baby two months ago and the weight is not coming off fast enough! I need motivation and encouragement. Anyone wanna be an Ana buddy? I've never had one before but I think it's exactly what I need to push me to lose this fat! Please message me if interested! I'm desperate and want to be dedicated. Skinny is life
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i need 'friends' like this

I need, people that can push me to do things. Need an ana-friend,anyone?
Kik; Benkrau

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Okay, so this isn't my first time with an ED. I am a "recovered" anorexic with purging tendencies, who is now at a healthy weight and discharged from inpatient and outpatient services. I am 19, female and from the UK, other details will follow when contacted. I'll give tips/help and am looking for someone to vent to/encourage me. Let's be friends!

Contact me:
Kik is @ bbabykitten
vent is @ pppeachesxx
snapchat is @ crowleysprincess
tumblr @ minicattt.tumblr.com

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I need a ana buddy message me if your interested

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SO me and Ana have been friends a while, but I'm new to this... so I'll start with my stats;

Age: 22
Height: 5"6
CW: 99lbs

If anyone is interested in an Ana buddy I'd be more than happy!



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I've wanted for so long to be the perfect skinny. Like I use to be when I was younger. But I keep gaining wait because of course. I keep eating.... I want to start being anorexia. I've tried and tried but have the worst support on it.. I tried pills but I don't have my own money to spend on them. I smoke weed but not very often. My birthday is in six days. I will be 18, its on June 24th. My name is Mercedes. I need help. Tips. Anything!
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Hey im new here and i reaaly dont klnow wat to do with my body. I am 110 pounds at 5ft8 (i think) and i want to be thinner. I am so messed up as im thin but i have a flabby belly and flabby thighs, and i need tips on how to lose weight this summer....how do i resist the urge to eat, and make sure no one is watching me??? I already have a gym membership and im in a boarding scul so i havnt been home for 11 weeks...i do cross country although i havent done it for a while. At maximum i can run 3 km without stopping as i havnt ran for a long time...yeah i guess thats it...so please help me!!!! ASAP at least i need an answer b4 friday on tips as my mum is coming to pick me up...
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I'm new here and I was wondering if there were any good excuses to not eat? My mom has been watching really closely lately and I need help. Thanks:)
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 I've been using the iPhone/iTouch app "Lose it!" forever and I was wondering if anyone else uses it or has a better app? I love how I can see how many calories are in something and see how many calories I've had today, all on my phone! It tracks weight loss, exercise and you can set weight loss goals too, I love this thing! It's a nice deterrent to eating to be able to see how many calories are in something instantly and I keep myself from bingeing by making sure I log any food I'm going to eat BEFORE I eat it, no excuses. Oh and it's FREE, everyone wins!

Anyway, today's been a good day so far.. I ran three miles yesterday, today I'm going to shoot for 4!

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I'm Kayla and I'm also new to Live Journal. :D I used to actually use xanga but it doesn't work out for me so I deleted it =/
I'm trying to be as skinny as I can be! If it means 10 pounds then it's 10. If it's 20 it's 20.

Height- 5'4
CW- 124
HW- 133

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